Alterego Surfboards
passionate about perfection

For us, sustainability is not a style, but a constant that is present in all aspects of our production cycle. We use only high-density EPS on site, recycling over 80% of waste material from production. We laminate the boards exclusively with a bio-resin, Entropy Resin Supersap, and we utilise cork, a highly renewable wood, as a natural foundation for the structure of our surfboards.
Soon we will be able to recycle 100% of our waste fibreglass, as we are constantly active and engaged in research and development of alternative sustainable materials to those manufactured from polluting and harmful chemicals that are still used today in the making of composite materials.

We are an eco-thinking surfboard factory with one mission: make high performance boards.

We’ve spent the last 3 years testing new core blanks, layers combo and the most advanced bio-based resins, creating the ACT 2.0 (Active Cork Technology); an innovative core design with internal curvilinear cork stringers.

We constantly update our knowledge in materials with shapers, engineers and surf teams working together.

Our boards are hand-designed, CAD converted and high precision CNC cut, with top-range bio-epoxy glassing.

We are proud to introduce the ACT 2.0 – ACTIVE CORK TECHNOLOGY; an innovative core design with internal curvilinear cork stringers. Cork is great for vibration damping; this allows speed control also in choppy conditions, balancing extra-pop in critical turns with smooth transitions in foamy sections. Feel free to be as radical as you can: cork stringers will help you with safe landings, working as shock absorbers for your ankles and knees. Unique flex and soft rebound give immediately a natural feeling to every kind of surfer, no matter what level you are.
The eps core comes with a 4+6/4 E-Cloth layers standard lamination, building up an extra-strong structure in no weight.
Our 7-step finishing includes dual process on edges refining and top-quality final coating with a water-based anti UV layer.