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A twin fin with mini swallow-tail from the 70s, reissue for actual surfing. Medium entry rocker with a medium-high exit rocker ensure both fast paddling and maneuverability.
Volume is balanced in the center of the board, with a thinner and shortboard-inspired nose area.
A single to double concave exit through a vee let this board fly across flat sections, as the full rails improve speed during radical turns.
Best for small to medium waves.

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We are proud to introduce the ACT 2.0 – ACTIVE CORK TECHNOLOGY; an innovative core design with internal curvilinear cork stringers.
Cork is great for vibration damping; this allows speed control also in choppy conditions, balancing extra-pop in critical turns with smooth transitions in foamy sections. Feel free to be as radical as you can: cork stringers will help you with safe landings, working as shock absorbers for your ankles and knees. Unique flex and soft rebound give immediately a natural feeling to every kind of surfer, no matter what level you are.
The eps core comes with a 4+6/4 E-Cloth layers standard lamination, building up an extra-strong structure in no weight.
Our 7-step finishing includes dual process on edges refining and top-quality final coating with a water-based anti UV layer.