Stubby Wave ACT 3.0

299,00 inc. VAT

Our Stubby Wave skimboard is a super fast, low rocker board.
The combo construction in bio resin + EPS and fiberglass with full basalt bottom and deck patch, is strong and reactive to pop tricks both on flat or waves.
The outline is fat enough to ride on the beach or high water, the weight balanced and the rail is sharp until half of the board for fast direction change while carving on a wall.
Give it a try!



ACT 3.0 (0 km EPS + bio resin + 0 carbon footprint + basalt fiber wrapping)

The ACT 3.0 is an improvement of our standard ACT 2.0, using basalt fiber which allows to improve technical performances in terms of resistance responsiveness and, as a natural material, is also more sustainable than standard fiberglass. Thanks to the innovative construction, Alterego boards are extremely resistant while maintaining their intrinsic features of responsiveness and flexibility.

Main features:

  • High Density EPS Blank comes with a 4+6/4 E-Cloth layers standard lamination, building up an extra-strong structure in no weight
  • Two internal curvilinear cork stringers
  • Laminated with advanced bio-resin
  • Basalt fiber layers for stiffness and therefore more speed and more responsiveness while maintaining ACT flex and damping control
  • Hand-designed, cad converted, high precision cnc-cutted, hand-finished